People should conserve rainwater in upcoming monsoon: PM Narendra Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that water conservation, in particular the conservation of rainwater, is essential and exhorted everyone to strive for saving rainwater in the upcoming monsoons. 

“We repeatedly hear the refrain that ‘Water is life! If there is water there is a tomorrow’, but we have a responsibility towards water as well. We have to save rainwater. Every drop has to be saved! How do we save rainwater in each and every village? The traditional conservation methods are in the form of very simple remedies, and employing these we can tap the water. If the water is retained for five days or a week, not only will it quench the thirst of mother earth, it will seep into the ground, and the same percolated water will become endowed with the power of life and therefore, in this rainy season, all of us should strive to save water, conserve water,” Prime Minister Modi said in the 65th edition of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

“On June 5, the entire world will celebrate ‘World Environment Day’. The theme for this year’s ‘World Environment Day’ is bio-diversity. This theme is especially pertinent in the current circumstances. During lockdown in the last few weeks the pace of life may have slowed down a bit but it has also given us an opportunity to introspect upon the rich diversity of nature or biodiversity around us. Much of the avian fauna had sort of disappeared due to sound and air pollution, and now after years people can once again listen to their melodic chirping in their homes,” the Prime Minister further said.

“A clean environment is directly an integral part of our lives, and of our children’s future too. Therefore, we have to ponder over this issue on the individual level as well. I request you to serve nature on this ‘Environment Day’ by planting some trees and making some resolutions so that we can forge a daily relationship with nature. Yes! Summer is on the rise, so do not forget to facilitate water for the birds,” he added. (ANI)