People returning to Assam jump off Shramik Special train to escape quarantine


GUWAHATI: In a sensational incident, several people jumped off a Shramik Express train that was coming in from Mumbai in Assam. The incident took place at Hojai, where people to avoid getting quarantined pulled the emergency brake chain of the train, leading to several people jumpin off the train. Of these, 56 people were apprehended by the police and being kept at the Hojai railway station.

Meanwhile, 12 passengers are still absconding. Reports have come in that a total of 68 persons tried to escape from the train. The passengers tried to escape as soon as the train passed by the Hojai railway station and the pulling of the emergency brake chain cause the train to be halted for about seven minutes during which people jumped off and tried to escape.

Upon receiving the news, local police as well as railway police units got into action and apprehended a total of 56 persons before they could flee. Of the apprehended persons, 31 persons are from Mourajan, 16 from Lanka, 12 from Jamunamukh, 12 from Hojai, four from Dabaka and one person from Karbi Anglong. Reportedly, many people were travelling in the train without tickets. An alert has been sounded in the Hojai district to be on the lookout for the escaped passengers. Meanwhile, the apprehended passengers have been rounded up at the Hojai railway station and their swab samples have been collected.