People delivering essential services during COVID-19 lockdown are real heroes, says PM Modi


New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday thanked the real-life heroes, who are working even during the COVID-19 lockdown period, to ensure the essential needs of the people are fulfilled.

“In this battle against coronavirus, we have many examples of real heroes in society. People who are at the forefront even in these conditions. On the Namo App, Niranjan Sudhaakar Hebbaale of Bengaluru has written, that such people are daily life heroes. And that is quite right too, these are the people because of whom our daily life runs smoothly,” Prime Minister Modi said addressing the 63rd edition of the monthly programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

“Just imagine, if the water in your tap runs dry for just a day, or there is a sudden power outage in your house. At that time, it is these daily life heroes who banish our troubles. Think about the small retail store in your neighbourhood. In these troubled times, he too is taking a great risk. After all, for whom? Is it not because he wants to ensure that you do not face any difficulty in buying essential goods?” he added.

The Prime Minister further said, “similar to that, think about those drivers and workers, who are continuing to work ceaselessly so that the nation’s supply chain of essential goods is not disrupted.”
The Prime Minister further thanked the banking officials and others, including delivery agents of e-commerce companies and those providing services.

“You might have noticed that the government has kept banking services open. And those working in the banking sector are there at your service – with full commitment and dedication – leading us in this fight. E-commerce companies continuing delivering groceries. Just think, as you watch TV during the lockdown, using phone, internet, and digital payments even while being homebound, someone is working hard to ensure that these services continue uninterrupted,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister thanked the people involved in ensuring the continuous supply of goods and services in the country and advised them to “follow all the safety precautions, take care of themselves and their family members.”

Earlier in his address, Modi had asked for the forgiveness of all countrymen, and especially the poor, for the nationwide lockdown in the country in the view of the novel coronavirus. He had then termed it a necessary measure needed to defeat the infection in India. (ANI)