People are looking for a political alternative in Bodoland: Pramod Bodo


GUWAHATI/TAMULPUR: Amidst speculations that a new political party may soon come into existence, Pramod Bodo, president, All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) on Wednesday said that people and various groups in the Bodo heartland are seeking for a new political alternative.

ABSU President Pramod Bodo was speaking on the occasion of the Special Convention held in Tamulpur.

Bodo said that common people are of the opinion that the signatories of the historic Bodo Accord should enter politics as a single entity.

NDFB leaders of all the four factions were also present at the convention.

“People are of the opinion that organisations who are signatories of the Bodo Accord should take part in politics,” said Pramod Bodo.

Without naming Hagrama Mohilary-led Bodoland People’s Front, the student leader said that people are unhappy with the long rule of a single political party.

“It has been over 15 years that a political party is ruling and people may not be happy with some of the leaders of this political party. ABSU cannot take this decision alone as we have struggled together and we have a joint movement group and other organisations who will discuss this,” said Pramod Bodo.