Partners in Crime: Pakistan facilitates China’s new export- Coronavirus


London : It seems that Pakistan and China have become partners in actively spreading and exporting the Coronavirus across the globe. On March 10 nearly 80,000 members of a Sunni Islamic missionary movement called Tablighi Jamat gathered in the town of Raiwind, south of Lahore in Pakistani Punjab, for their annual conference known as Ijtema.

Around 3,000 came to attend the Ijtema from overseas. Despite attempts made by the Punjab police to convince the organisers of the massive gathering, it was carried on for three days.

Today, Raiwind has been quarantined. However, it might be too late. Coronavirus carriers, who attended the Ijtema in Pakistan, are now actively spreading it as far as Gaza. The Middle East Eye reported that ‘at least two Palestinian who attended the ijtema were the first confirmed cases of Corona virus in Gaza’. (MEE, 4, April 2020).

Meanwhile the Pakistan government claim that they are tracing thousands of Tablighi Jamat members who attended the annual event and managed to escape the quarantine and have returned to their cities, towns and villages. Pakistan, it appears is fighting a losing battle.

The failed state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan lacks a modern healthcare infrastructure that could cope with Coronavirus crisis or screen vast majority of her population. Popular demand to lockdown the country fell on deaf ears. Prime minister Imran Khan has been defiant and continuously refuses to issue a national lockdown order.

For this criminal negligence and delay in issuing a ban on air travel by Pakistan the world especially Hindustan might have to pay dearly. It was not until after the Pakistan military establishment intervened that voluntary lockdown policy enforced by Sindh province earned itself a political and tactical acceptance.

New York Times in its report on the spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan had warned on March 26 that ‘Prime minister Imran Khan played down (Coronavirus) dangers. Pakistan bragged that the country was Virus-free, but little was being done to set up testing anywhere’.

On April 4, Arab News reported that ‘the number of those affected by Corona Virus had reached 224’. Hundreds of Indian Muslims returning from Nizamuddin Manzil in Delhi after attending a Tablighi congregation have also contracted Corona Virus and are posing a serious threat to our population.

Their stubborn refusal to avoid saying prayers in mosques should be treated as an act of war against the healthy population of Hindustan and should be dealt with the same coin. Tablighis are no friend of Hindustan. Mass arrests of Tablighi should be on the table of the Security Chief of Hindustan.

In Delhi, as a result of the congregation of Tablighi Jamat at Nizamuddin Markaz, hundreds are now infected with Coronavirus and are now also responsible for spreading it as far as Telangana! Tablighi in Pakistan as well in Hindustan continue to defy the lockdown by forcing their way into the mosques.

The Muslim clergy is busy delivering provocative sermons and making demands that Muslims should attend the Friday congregation all over the subcontinents.

Tablighi Jamat is the initial recruiting ground for the future jihadists. Terrorist organisations such as Taliban IS, Daesh, Al-Qaida all were set up by those who were initially indoctrinated by a poisonous robotic religiously Islamic fanatic mind-set. Acclaimed Canada-based Pakistani author and Islamic scholar Tariq Fateh in his regular weekly column in published in the Toronto Sun titled India now faces Virus Jihad exposes the love of knowledge of the Tablighi Jamat. He informs us that ‘The Indian district of Mewat, where they are headquartered for a 100 years, has a female literacy rate of just 2%’ (Toronto Sun, April 8, 2020).

Pakistan is directly responsible for the wide-scale spread of Coronavirus across Hindustan and the rest of the world since Muslim clerics from Malaysia to Mumbai and from Australia to United Kingdom and America not least from the Middle East and Africa who participated in the Tablighi event in Raiwind are fittingly facilitating the spread of Corona Virus across the globe.

Pakistan has now become a partner of China in the crime of exporting of a deadly pandemic that requires a collective effort by governments not only to eliminate the threat of spread of Corona Virus but to tackle the menace of Tablighi Jamat simultaneously.

(Disclaimer: The views and ideas expressed in this Opinion Column are those of the author, Dr Amjad Ayub Mirza who is a human rights activist from PoK, living in exile in the United Kingdom. ANI, in any way, is not responsible/ liable for the views or ideas expressed by the author) (ANI)