Paresh Baruah safe & sound: ULFA(I)


Amid reports circulating in social media and a report published by a little-known news portal stating that ULFA(I) chief Paresh Baruah might have died following a road accident, the outfit has come out with a blunt rebuttal stating that Baruah is “safe and sound and has not met any accident”.

A release issued by the rebel anti-talks faction of the ULFA rebuffed reports of Paresh Baruah’s death following an accident that he suffered a month or two ago.

“… A fake news with regard to our vice chairman cum chief of staff Paresh Asom sir has been circulated in a section of media about his so called accident & death. We would like to clarify to our freedom loving people of Asom that our leader is safe and sound and has not met any accident,” the release issued by Romel Asom, member of the outfit’s publicity department, stated.

“This is a hoax spread out by people with vested interest,” the release further stated.

Meanwhile, Assam Police also reacted to the report claiming they have no confirmation about the developments surrounding the ULFA(I) chief but admitted to have had reports of Paresh Baruah meeting with an accident and suffering injuries.

“We have reports that Paresh Baruah had met with an accident 1-2 months ago. He reportedly suffered injuries in his rib cage and was recovering. Regarding the news of his demise that is circulating since yesterday, we have no confirmed report. We are in touch with his family. But that too know very little. We are also in touch with intelligence agencies and it will take a couple of days before we know for certain what the truth is,” Pallab Bhattacharyaa, Assa, Special DGP, law & order, told News Live.


Pro-talks ULFA leader Anup Chetia, too, dismissed reports of Paresh Baruah’s death saying that although he had met with an accident, he was recovering and that they had spoken over phone a couple of times.


Incidentally, a little-known news portal had reported about the “Indian intelligence agencies have picked up ‘inputs’ about ULFA(I) chief Paresh Baruah having died after sustaining severe injuries in a road accident on Sino-Burmese border”.