Paper mill employee climbs mobile tower, threatens to end life


It seemed like renaction of the famous scene from the super hit movie ‘Sholay’ where Dharmendra (Veeru) climbs on top of a water tank, threatening to commit suicide. However, the real life incident that people of Jagiroad witnessed today was something much more serious.

Kathsing Bordoloi, an employee of Nagaon Paper Mill, Jagiroad, climbed atop a mobile phone tower and threatened to commit suicide by jumping to the ground. Bordoloi and other employees of the paper mills at Jagiroad and Panchgram in Barak Valley have not got their salaries for more than two years.

Bordoloi was apparently suffering from anxiety and depression after not receiving his dues. He climbed the mobile tower out of terrible mental stress and agony and with the intention of commiting suicide.

However, with his family members and other employees of the paper mill requesting him to come down, he heeded to their fervent appeals and finally came down.

Kathsing Bordoloi seen with police and other security officials after coming down of the mobile phone tower.


“What can we do? We are not getting our salaries. I am also finding it difficult to repay a housing loan I took. There’s no other option for me and other employees but to commit suicide,” Bordoloi said, adding that they will be forced to take drastic steps in future if the government continues with its dilly-dallying attitude.