Pandemic gave opportunity to new talents in entertainment and digital space: Raman Dandyan


In the year 2020-21, the world is going through an unprecedented time. No one had ever imagined that life around us would change the way it has. Millions of people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus.

Apart from this, there has been a big impact on business. Due to the lockdown that followed, many industries had been impacted in a major way.

However, according to Raman Dandyan, Entertainment is one industry that had been the least impacted. When people were forced to remain indoors the OTT space thrived like never before. Many new OTT players used this time to make a mark by promoting their offering. In this time, the established players manage to hook the users by offering new original content in the form of finished movies that we’re unable to secure a release date due to the pandemic.

There was certainly a short-term impact due to the cinema halls being shut but now with things getting to normal, it is expected that the uptake for movies will now be more than ever.

Talking about these trends, Raman Dandyan, Founder of Raman Dandyan marketing inc. says, “One can see that there is a pent-up demand in the market. People are waiting to get back to things as they were in pre-COVID times. Any kind of quality content in the entertainment space is now being appreciated.

Given the success that the business is seeing Raman Dandyan is planning to further streamline operation and even scout potential for more business in this space.