Panchayat Polls | Ruckus at Congress, BJP offices


As voting dates for the two-phase Panchayat elections in Assam draw near, increased infighting has plagued the Congress as well as the ruling BJP with disgruntled party activists resorting to vandalism and creating ruckus in various party offices in the State. While the Congress has been the worst affected, angry BJP activists today (Nov 14) vandalized the district party office in Majuli to protest the party leadership’s decision to leave four seats to alliance partners Gana Shakti.

Irate activists shouted slogans against party leaders as they broke desks and chairs at the Majuli district party headquarters at Garmur today. The activists expressed their anger at party leaders and demanded of the leaders to announce BJP candidates for the four seats that have been left for the Gana Shakti to contest.


On the other hand, the Congress party has been plagued by dissidence and infighting as activists vandalized a party office and locked it in Tinsukia today.


Congress factions are also at loggerheads at Dhakuakhana where several party workers have openly expressed their dissatisfaction at the “autocratic” behaviour of Bharat and Ranee Narah. Angry Congress activists also burnt efficies of the Narah couple, accusing them of favouritism in ticket allocation.

Congress avtivists also staged protests at Karimganj, flaying party leaders over selection of candidates.