Panchayat Polls | Candidates with little IQ & GK submit nominations


The last day for filing of nomination papers for the first phase (Dec 5) of the upcoming panchayat polls ended today (Nov 15). Elections in the first phase will be held in 16 districts of the State while voting in the second and final phase will take place on Dec 9. Significantly, as hundreds of candidates submitted their nominations for these grassroots-level hustings, candidates with little IQ and absolutely nil general knowledge hogged limelight.


While some candidates did not know the names of the President and Prime Minister of India, some other candidates didn’t even know the party they were contesting, let alone knowning the names of the party’s top leaders.

While for a woman candidate of Biswanath, the name of the country’s Prime Minister was Narendra ‘Singh’ Modi, another candidate claimed Narendra Modi was in fact the President and not Prime Minister of the country.


News Live raised basic questions on general knowledge before many candidates. But, surprisingly, most candidates couldn’t provide the correct answers, many of them claiming to know but to have forgotten them.

On the other hand, ruckus by ticket aspirants have plagued political parties with activists belonging to the Congress, BJP and the AGP ransacking party offices at many places over allegations of favouratism and money exchanging hands in distribution of tickets.