Pakistani terrorists using Nepal as alternate route to enter India


Kashmir: Sources in the government agencies have stated that Pakistani terrorists have managed to enter India through an alternate route via Nepal even after security forces are on high alert in Line of Control (Jammu and Kashmir).

Seven terrorists from Pakistan-based terrorist groups including the Jaish-e-Mohammad have used this route to enter India.

National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the intelligence department have recently received this input.

According to the inputs the terrorists are believed to be camping in areas of Gorakhpur and Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

It is to be noted that 5 among the 7 terrorists have been identified by the intelligence department as Mohammad Yakub, Abu Hamza, Mohammad Shahbaz, Nisar Ahmed, and Mohammed Kuyami Choudhury.

The agencies are making all attempts to trace and capture the terrorists, who are in hiding.

The main objective of these terror groups is to spread terror in Jammu & Kashmir but agencies have sounded an alert in other places, too.