Over 40,000 students benefiting from online classes in Baramulla amid COVID-19 crisis


Baramulla (Jammu and Kashmir): Schools in Baramulla with the assistance of the District Administration are conducting online classes for its students, who are now forced to remain at home with schools closed due to COVIE-19 pandemic.

Speaking to ANI, Chief Education Officer, Gh. Mohammad Lone, Baramulla said,”Over 40,000 students are benefitting from these online classes, amid lockdown.”

“When the COVID-19 crisis began in March, I constituted a team and prepared assignments for the students. 4G doesn’t work here so with 2G we were facing problems to reach every corner. So, we decided to start from Baramulla and we tried to conduct virtual classes for every area,” he added.

A teacher told ANI that online classes are in a way good to cover syllabus but only those students are being benefitted who have phones with them.

“Online classes are beneficial for us at this time. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our future is also being affected. We are thankful to the teachers for taking this initiative and help us study,” said students.

Students here appealed the government to provide them with 4G so that they are able to attend online classes properly. (ANI)