Over 100 doctors in Kolkata test positive for COVID-19 in last 24 hours


Guwahati: More than 100 doctors in three different hospitals of Kolkata have tested positive for coronavirus in a span of 24 hours, a senior health official told news agency PTI on Monday.

As many as 70 doctors of Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, 24 medical practitioners of Chittaranjan Seva Sadan and Shishu Sadan Hospital in Kalighat, and 12 of the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology have tested positive for the infection, the official said.

“The doctors have been asked to go for institutional quarantine,” he added.

He also said that contact tracing has begun, and the process of clinical examination of everyone in the three hospitals has started.

Meanwhile, the daily Covid-19 cases in West Bengal have shot up over 11 times in a week, while in the case of Kolkata, the increase is over 14 times during the period, according to the state government data.

Bengal on Sunday recorded 6,153 infections with Kolkata accounting for 3,194 of them, a health department bulletin said. On December 26, the respective figures were 544 and 219.

The state had recorded 4,512 Covid-19 cases on Saturday, with the metropolis alone reporting 2,398 of them.

The bulletin said that eight people died of coronavirus on Sunday, while nine such patients had perished the previous day.

A total of 19,781 people have died of the disease so far, according to the bulletin.