Our policies are clear, fundamentals strong : Prime Minister Narendra Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the global economy is going through a “difficult situation” but the fundamentals of the Indian economy are strong and its policies are clear. 

“Whether economic or social, today the country is going through a big phase of change.

In the last few years, India has become a stronger part of the global economic system.

But for different reasons, international conditions are such that the global economy is going through a weak and difficult situation,” said Prime Minister while speaking at Global Business Summit by a media house here on Friday.

“Still, we have been taking initiatives so that its impact is less on the Indian economy, we have taken pro-active steps and our steps have yielded positive results. Our policies are clear, our fundamentals are very strong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi said that there was a time when things used to run according to the “predictions of a particular section.”

“The opinion it gave was considered to be final. But with the development of technology now opinion of people of every section of society matters,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi said that people who preach the rights of refugees in the entire world are opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act meant for the refugees. He said that those who refer to the Constitution on every matter are against the implementation of the Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Some people consider inaction as the most convenient action. For us, development and good governance is not a matter of convenience, but it is our conviction. It is our conviction to do the right things, the conviction to break the status quo,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“Through Direct Benefit Transfer, we brought a big change in the Status Quo and saved thousands of crores of rupees from getting into the wrong hands… We had been hearing about the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). We created this post and broke the status quo.

The Chief of Defence Staff will bring synergy among armed forces,” he added. (ANI)