Our govt walking on path laid out by Bapu: Rajnath Singh


Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh): If there is any government that will accomplish Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Swachh Bharat, it will be our government, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated on Wednesday while addressing a function here.

“During Champaran Satyagraha in 1917, Gandhi united the farmers and also gave them the message of cleanliness. If there is any Prime Minister who will fulfil his vision of Swachhta, that is Prime Minister Modi. If there is anyone that will fulfil his dream of Swachh Bharat, it will be our BJP government,” Singh said.

“Our Prime Minister talks about progressing the nation ahead while taking everyone along. On that, he even gave the slogan ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’. Thus, our government is on the path laid out by Gandhi,” he added.

Singh further stated that one can learn about the towering personality of Gandhi after looking at leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela, who were themselves inspired by him.

“We have heard about Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela. They are huge personalities but both said that they derived their inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi without ever meeting him. Such was the stature of the Father of our Nation,” he said.

Singh further appealed to those present at the event to work together to fulfil Gandhi’s dream of India.

“He was fighting to win freedom for India but, along with fighting for freedom, Gandhi constantly used to think how will India of our dreams look like after freedom is achieved?” he said.

“Today, we should all take a pledge that we will only rest after we achieve India of Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams,” he added. (ANI)