Oil India Limited organises Plogging Challenge as part of Swachh Bharat Mission


GUWAHATI: Oil India Limited (Guwahati) has initiated a Plogging Challenge with a vision towards creating awareness and public engagements among the residents of Guwahati. It is a campaign that intends to motivate people to actively take part in cleaning up their surrounding area and at the same time take care of their health by competing with others. To encourage more people to participate in cycling along with the main activities like running and walking has been included for the challenge. This also makes the challenge unique in a way.

Due to the covid-19 situation, physical events with mass participation are not advisable. However to encourage people to take part in physical activities and also to motivate them to take part in clean-up activities this virtual challenge has been initiated.

Plogging is an eco-friendly exercise through which people pick up trash/litter while jogging or brisk walking as a way to clean up litter and also take care of their health. Plogging as an activity was started in Sweden by Erik Ahlström in 2016.

Walking, Running and Cycling are the three activities that people can take part in. Participants can walk, run or ride for any distance and on any route as per their convenience. They can take part in the activity anytime between 5 AM to 5 PM as per their convenience. However, they have to avoid going out during the curfew hours. It is a daily activity that starts from 4th July and ends on 15th July 2021. Participants can start and end from any location or area and they can go on the same route every day.

To take part in this challenge one has to first register for it which is completely free. Anyone above 12 years of age can participate. After registering a participant has to join a STRAVA Club named Guwahati Ploggers and join the event mentioned in it as per their chosen activity. During their activity, they have to collect trash/litter along the way and dispose it properly in dustbins. They have to take photos or videos of their activities. They have to post their photos or videos on social media using some specific hashtags (#SwachhataPakhwada & #OilGuwahatiPlog2021) to encourage more people to participate.

Later on they have to upload all this information into a Google form to earn points. The point-based system has been prepared to assess the participants whereby different points will be given. A participant can earn maximum 10 points per day if all the steps are fulfilled. The participant with the maximum points at the end of the challenge will be declared the winner. Regular leader- Boards (participant rankings table) will be prepared based on these points and shared. Prizes will be given to the top 3 Senior & 1 Junior champions. One from each of the activities will be declared the Senior champions. One overall Junior champion will be declared. T-Shirts will be given to the top 8 Senior participants in each of the activities & top 6 overall Junior participants. E- certificates will be given to all winners and participants This event is being managed by a social enterprise called Pedal for a Change. Click on to register and know the entire process.