NSU Land Row: JAC calls for indefinite bandh in Manipur


GUWAHATI: The Joint Action Committee(JAC) in Konsakhul Area in Manipur has declared an indefinite bandh in the state from January 31 midnight along the national and state highways. This comes following the stand-off between security forces and villagers of Konsakhul with regard to the land ownership dispute at the National Sports University(NSU) site yesterday. The JAC has also called for a ban on all national projects in Naga inhabited areas.

The villagers today blocked inter-village roads condemning the Police crackdown at the NSU site yesterday. Members of the JAC have also staged a protest demanding their government to resolve the disputed site of NSU after which police fired tear gas and shot blank live bullets to disperse the crowd.

“The committee is not against other villages surrounding the university but demands the state government to acknowledge the true owner of the lands and settle the land dispute,” said the advisor of Konsakhul area Joint Action Committee, Adangpo Obalmi.

“The villagers have submitted a memorandum to the center and the state government demanding that the construction of the National Sports University should be halted until the controversy over the land is solved,” he added.

He also alleged that the university is constructed without the consent of the Konsakhul Villagers.