NRC debate: Amit Shah tears into Opposition


BJP president Amit Shah today (July 31) launched a scathing attack on the Congress, TMC and other parties opposing the NRC update process in Assam, questioning as to whether they support Indian citizens or illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators. The BJP president first launched a full-scale attack on Opposition parties in Rajya Sabha and then chagrined Mamata Banerjee & Co. in a fiercely-addressed press conference at the party headquarters.

Speaking in Rajya Sabha, the BJP president said that the Assam Accord was signed by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 and that the accord is believed to be the “soul” of the NRC.

“They did not have the courage to implement it, but we did,” Shah said in the Upper House of Parliament, as he demanded that the Congress party makes its stand clear on the issue of Bangladeshi influx.

Taking a dig at Mamata Banerjee, Shah accused her of “spreading confusion” and claimed he was “stunned” after hearing the West Bengal chief minister’s speech made on Monday.

“If you talk about human rights, what about the rights of people of Assam?” Shah said, and added: “The rights of the people, their education, jobs were being taken away. This step has been taken so as to protect the rights of the people of India.”

“Every party should make its stand clear whether rights of genuine Indians are important or not,” the national BJP president further said.

Amit Shah’s blistering attack came after the Congress, TMC and other Opposition parties blamed the ruling party of targeting Muslims in the name of updating the citizens’ register.