North East is the Growth Engine of the country: PM Modi


GUWAHATI: “Over 3 thousand kilometers of roads have been built in the North East in the last three-four years. New national highways have been approved. The entire North East rail network has been converted into broad gauge. There is also a focus on strengthening the youth of the Northeast with new institutions of education, skill and sports. Apart from this, new hostels have also been created for students of North East in Delhi and Bangalore”, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kokrajhar, Assam on Friday participating at the celebrations of the signing of the Bodo Agreement.

Prime Minister said that infrastructure does not mean a combination of mortar and cement. It has a human side to it. It makes people feel that someone cares for them.

“When lakhs of people get connectivity due to the completion of many projects hanging for decades like Bogibeel bridge, then their confidence in the government increases. This all-round development has played a very big role in turning separation into attachment. When there is attachment, when progress starts reaching out to everyone equally, people also get ready to work together. When people get ready to work together, even the biggest issues are resolved”, Prime Minister added.