No role of Hagrama Mohilary in Bodo Accord: Pramod Bodo


GUWAHATI: “Hagrama Mohilary has no contribution for Bodo peace accord. In fact, he wanted to sabotage the process,” alleged All Bodo Students’ Union president Pramod Bodo today.

After Bodoland Territorial Council chief Hagrama Mohilary criticised ABSU for compromising with the demand of separate Bodoland state, ABSU president Pramod Bodo today said, “Hagarama Mohilary doesn’t want permanent peace to prevail in the Bodo community.”

“He wanted to divide NDFB. But all his attempts have been foiled,” ABSU president Bodo alleged.

Earlier BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary said, “It is unfortunate that ABSU leaders are going to be signatories with NDFB saying that they will not take forward the movement for separate Bodoland state forever. But separate Bodoland issue is our birth right.”