No recent talks between PM Modi and Trump over Ladakh and China: Sources


New Delhi: There have been no recent talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump over the Ladakh and China issue.

Informed source over the matter told ANI, “There has been no recent contact b/w PM Modi and US President Trump. Last conversation between them was on 4 April, 2020, on the subject of Hydroxychloroquine. Yesterday, the MEA had also made it clear that we’re directly in touch with China through established mechanisms and diplomatic contact.”

This comes at the backdrop of Trump’s claims that PM Modi is in no good mood about what’s going on with China.

India reiterated that they’ll resolve the issue bilaterally.

While the Indian and Chinese military commanders are talking face-to-face in Ladakh, and diplomatic efforts are underway in the country capitals to resolve the situation the Indian Army has been effectively responding by building and deploying its own capabilities in Eastern Ladakh including the Galwan sector.

Sources have told ANI that no compromise will be made with regard to maintaining the sanctity of India’s borders and that while India believes in peace, it is firm and resolute when it comes to the defence of its territory.

The current face-off is believed to be in reaction to India steadily building infrastructure in Ladakh and the increase in local civilian activity on the Indian side of LAC. For China, this is an irritant because India is rapidly narrowing down the infrastructure gap in Ladakh. While India has not obstructed in any manner the activities of the Chinese on their side of the LAC, whether it is putting up the pre-fabricated structures or an increase in their patrolling.

The Indian Armed forces are prepared for a scenario that this standoff could not be a short-termed one. If anything, the Doklam episode has been a learning experience for India in that China doesn’t back down easily, no international badgering works on them and they like to keep testing India on how long and how much pressure it can withstand. (ANI)