No one is alone in fight against COVID-19 : PM Modi boosts countrymen’s morale


New Delhi: Addressing the nation on the 9th day of the pan India lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday boosted the morale of the countrymen saying that “no one is alone” in the fight against coronavirus as the strength of 130 crore Indians is with each of us. 

“Today, when crores of people are inside homes, then some of us may think how will they fight this battle against COVID-19 alone. Such questions might come up in your mind? But please remember, none of us is alone. The strength of 130 crores of Indians is with each one of us,” said Prime Minister Modi in a video message to the nation.

He said, the way people in India are fighting the battle against coronavirus is an example for the world.

“The way you paid gratitude to people fighting against COVID-19 on March 22, has become a model that is being emulated by other countries. So when the country is fighting such a big battle, one should keep witnessing the power of public as it gives morale, aim and energy to achieve height and makes the path more clear,” he said.

“In this dark period, we all need to go ahead towards the light. Those who are most affected by this are the poor and marginalised. To overcome this darkness, we must all unite to spread the light,” he said.

In his address to the nation on March 24, the Prime Minister had announced a 21-day lockdown in the country to contain the spread of novel coronavirus, which has infected over 2,000 people in the country.

During the last “Mann Ki Baat” on COVID-19 related issue, the Prime Minister had apologised to the countrymen for taking the tough decision of complete lockdown. “My conscience says you will forgive me,” he had said. (ANI)