No hike in Existing Tariff Rates Upto 300 Units in Electric charges: Assam CM


In a relief for the electricity consumers, The Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, refuted media reports of an increase in energy costs, calling them false and claiming that the current tariff rates up to 300 units had not been changed.

While speaking to the media CM Sarma said, “There was a wrong news about the increase in electricity tariff. There is no increase in electricity tariff for domestic consumers upto 300 units a month. However, 20 paise has been levied on consumers above 300 units upto 500 units a month. There has been an increase for consumers above 500 units a month and commercial consumers. But there is no such increase for consumers upto 300 units a month.”

Earlier on September 30, according to a notification from the Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. (APDCL), 30 paise per unit has been levied on domestic consumers unto 300 units a month as Fuel and Power Purchase Price Adjustment (FPPPA) charge while 50 paise/ unit for those consuming 300-500 units a month, Rs 1.29 per unit for consumers with above 500 units a month besides commercial users.

The increase or decrease of FPPPA charge on electricity depends on the prices of gas and coal, which are required for electricity generation.