No country can progress until children, pregnant mothers are completely healthy: Amit Shah


Ahmedabad : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said that no country can progress until the children and pregnant mothers are completely healthy.

In an initiative to save pregnant women from malnutrition, Shah on Monday launched nutritious ‘Laddu Vitaran Yojana’ in his parliamentary constituency Gandhinagar.

Addressing the event, the Union Home Minister said, “As the MP of Gandhinagar, I have taken this decision that all pregnant mothers and children here should be healthy. From today onwards, more than 7,000 pregnant women of Gandhinagar will be given 15 nutritious laddus every month with the help of voluntary organisations so that they get proper nutrition till the birth of their children.”

Shah said the scheme will prove beneficial in nurturing the good health of pregnant mothers and their babies.

“No country can progress until the children and pregnant mothers of the country are completely healthy. With the slogan ‘Sahi Poshan, Desh Roshan’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the target that no mother and child in the country should be malnourished when the country reaches the 75th year of its independence. This campaign of Modi ji has become a mass movement today,” he stated.

He said the most important thing in a democracy is the empowerment of the weak, poor, backward and women and giving their rights to the children. (ANI)