Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani together known as JIGLI and KHAJUR are uplifting in Film Industry


Guwahati: A dynamic duo who works well together can be worth every project. Things are better when efforts and talents are combined together and the duo of JIGLI and KHAJUR is the perfect example for the same.

Coming together in beginning, staying together for progress, and working together till success such is the bond of Jani Brothers remarkably called as Jigli and Khajur.

Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani are the brilliant personalities behind the renowned duo. They’re brothers who are acing in the film industry. Nitin and Tarun have been actively performing as directors and Producers respectively, who have successfully made amazing TV shows and films together.

Nitin and Tarun’s creative abilities are not just limited to as producers and directors but also as actors. The Jigli and Khajur due are also great stage actors in the industry.

The leading pair of Jigli and Khajur came in the eyes of the audience 10 years back. Today they’re renowned Youtubers who have captured the hearts of a large number of audience. Their YouTube channel is soaring high with millions of followers and viewers all around the globe.

Apart from this, Nitin and Tarun have also worked on prominent TV platforms like Star Plus and Colors TV.  Their play called ‘Khajur Nu Swayamwar’ has been highly admired and recognized over borders.

They have directed, produced, and written a lot of films and shows. With their unique capacities, hard work and determination, the Jigli and Khajur doublet is striding forth with their unceasing potential in the film industry.