NFTb – The first NFT marketplace built on the BNB chain, showcasing a vast collection of art and goods


The platform is built specifically to reward creators who want to reach a wide audience via the NFT sphere.

The popularity of NFTs has been on the rise in recent times, with many projects and platforms associated with this digital asset making their mark. This has encouraged many to step into this space and try how this emerging technology works for them, especially artists who have associated themselves with many NFT platforms to get a wide coverage. NFTb is one such marketplace which has been created to connect creators with the right audience via the NFT mode. It is built on the BNB Chain. It is one of the few platforms which is community owned and functions as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The makers of NFTb have tried to structure the token economics of the network to reward creators of digital art and collectibles, which has worked well in pushing them to their optimum limits to create NFTs and sell them on NFTb.

The platform has tried to make it easy for creators to enter the NFT space without getting too technical about it as this space has vast potential which is untapped till now and needs to be opened up on a wide scale, NFTs being the best option to do that. Marketplaces which are currently operational do not reward creators for effects and filters which NFTb does, opening up a whole new world in the non-crypto digital art world, which has huge potential. Many wonder why NFTb has chosen to operate on the BNB chain and not Ethereum? According to the team behind this project, nearly all NFT marketplaces that are operational at present are built on Ethereum. Additionally, with the ETH2 about to be released, it’s not clear what lies ahead. Apart from that, high participation fees backed by other miscellaneous fees have been the reason for many users backing out of the market.

Secondly, the team strongly trusts the BNB chain and the potential it carries, which would enable better rewards for creators and holders. Furthermore, by combining both CEX and DEX liquidity there’s a better user experience altogether, the reason its makers have gone in for the BNB chain.