NF Railway makes record recovery of over Rs 23 crores fines from ticketless travellers


Guwahati: In a bid to keep a check on unauthorized travelling, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has been conducting regular ticket checking drives and has detected 4,48,392 cases of passengers travelling without a ticket/irregular ticket and un-booked luggage during the period from April 2021 to March 2022.

The NF Railway has made a record recovery of an amount of Rs 23.36 crore which was realized from the offenders as fare and penalty.

Sabyasachi De, CPRO of NF Railway said that this is about 840.83 per cent more in terms of the number of penalty cases detected and 1028.50 per cent higher in terms of earnings for the corresponding period of the previous year.

“During checking over various stations and trains, RPF of NF Railway apprehended 50,701 persons travelling without proper tickets from April 2021 to March 2022. In these cases, 25 persons were also prosecuted and fined under various sections of the Railways Act and 16 cases were registered against offenders,” the CPRO of NF Railway said.

He further said that Northeast Frontier Railway regularly conducts drives against ticketless travellers.

“In its endeavour to provide better services to its bonafide rail users and also to curb ticketless travelling, NF Railway has regularly been taking necessary steps. NF Railway urges all rail users to buy proper railway tickets and travel with dignity,” Sabyasachi De said.

As per section 137, of the Indian Railway Act of 1989, travelling without a ticket, improper ticket or un-booked luggage is an offence punishable by imprisonment or fine or both. 

(Inputs from ANI)