Nepal to transform 3 hospitals as treatment centres for COVID-19 patients


Kathmandu: The Nepal government on Sunday announced to transform three hospitals in Kathmandu to treat the COVID-19 patients as a preparation to fight against possible outbreak in the country.

Minister for Health and Population, Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, made the announcement while addressing the Upper House meeting.

“We already have separated 155 isolated beds. In case if this infection spread all around, rather than sending the patients to hospitals, especially talking about the capital and its periphery, we have decided to focus on three hospitals which will give utmost priority to the infected patients and others would be transferred to another hospital. This would not disrupt the services being provided to the public,” Dhakal said in an address at National Assembly.

The Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Patan Hospital and Kirtipur Hospital will be dedicated to treating the infected patients.

“Currently in Kathmandu Valley, we only have around 170 ICUs in operation,” Dhakal informed.

As a heightened measure, Nepal has cancelled all on-arrival visas making it compulsory to get the permit to enter the country only after submitting a health report not late than a week.

As per the minister, a total of 464 people have undergone tests for possible infection of coronavirus and none of the reports turned positive except for the case that was reported first. (ANI)