NBF National Conclave in New Delhi


News Broadcasters Federation or NBF National Conclave, India’s Biggest news event got underway in the National Capital.

The first edition of the event focussed on the theme ‘Future of News’ and examine the opportunity and challenges associated with the present media landscape.

Pride East Chief Managing Director, Riniki Bhuyan Sharma was also present at the event as a key panelist and raised the issues of challenges being faced by news broadcasters, especially in terms of logistics.

Ex-Vice President Venkaiah Naidu launched the biggest news event and stressed on the theme ‘Democracy & its fourth pillar’.

Venkaiah Naidu stressed that the media should neither be left nor right but be neutral. He opined, “You are doing a great service to the people. Mother tongue is like eyesight. English is like spectacles. If you have eyesight, spectacles will work. If you don’t have eyesight, spectacles won’t work”.

“Media must argue and counter-argue. Media must be on the side of the truth, must give voice to the voiceless. 50% people are women. Their concerns, views and issues must be highlighted,” former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu stated.