NanoChemiqs launches world’s first hybrid face mask for a responsible return to normalcy


New Delhi : Although India has announced the launch of its indegenious vaccine, its effectiveness can still be debated. Until such time that it can be judged how much of the virus infectivity the vaccine can reduce, nanotechnology can provide a significant solution to the growing challenges of COVID-19.

Many prominent studies show how fully developed nanotechnology products can significantly reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus from person to person.

Using their extensive knowledge of materials and composites, NanoChemiqs has launched a reusable and antiviral face mask. Dubbed ViroWipe FM01, the face mask is claimed to be the finest face mask on the market right now with properties of both N95 and normal cloth masks.

Its proprietary Anti-Viral trap and kill technology makes it a unique product that not only ensures proper filtration of contaminants but also offers four Anti-Viral layers and six levels of extra protection. Thereby, making it a 99.95 per cent safe face mask. The face mask has been equipped with non-metal nano technology making it reusable upto 90 gentle washes.

Since the nanotechnology treatment of the mask effectively reduces the virus and bacteria infectivity on contact, it can function as a constant sterilization solution. Thereby making the face mask ideal for both industrial workers and normal citizens.

In fact, since it has been made using recyclable material, the face mask will also help in reducing biomedical waste and carbon footprint, the former being a cause of grave concern in the Capital. In fact, of the 200 biomedical waste treatment facilities in the country, two are in Delhi and one is in Mumbai.

In these two cities alone the facilities are functioning at 70-75 per cent and 70 per cent capacities respectively. Delhi currently produces 27 tonnes of non-COVID biomedical waste and up to 11 tonnes of COVID-19 related waste every day. Meanwhile, Mumbai has been generating nine tonnes of COVID-19 waste and six tonnes of non-COVID biomedical waste every day.

In this regard, one of the best features of the mask is the anti-Leaching property: useful for daily use, the face mask reduces the risk of spread of contamination even when it’s being washed or kept along other household materials. Besides its virus fighting properties, ViroWipe comes in five different vibrant colors and in three different sizes.

Further, with all the required certification (ISO 18184) in place, the face mask is a trustworthy product in the market. ViroWipe is also Oeko-Tex class 1 standard and even safer for toddlers and newborns. The face mask can be purchased online on Amazon or the nearest company distributors.

“We firmly believe that our mask is the finest quality personal protection gear that offers the filtration efficiency upto N95 specification yet comfortable and durable cloth mask. In fact, other than our proprietary technology, the mask has been created using reusable materials. Which means that we will be directly reducing the amount of biomedical waste being generated by offering a safeguard that has been fully created with reusable materials,” added the company CEO Sasha Bose.

According to the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, Delhi generates 25 tonnes of biomedical waste each day. Which means, in order to reduce community transmission, effective management of biomedical waste is of utmost importance.

This was highlighted in a recent article that reported 40 COVID positive cases among sanitation workers, of which 15 had already lost their lives. In fact, there are rules and regulations that support the proper disposal of biomedical waste, which if mixed with the general waste or poorly packed, sanitation workers could be infected.

However, even with the rules and regulation in place DPCC informed the National Green Tribunal of the 48 healthcare facilities in Delhi that did not comply with biomedical waste management rules.

NanoChemiqs has three different verticals: ViroWipe, SafeSpace and SafeFleet. Each of them provides nanotechnology based products for personal use, workspaces and transport & fleet services. All three portfolios of the company currently offers multiple products across the board.

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