Mystery in toy car blast deepens


The mystery in the toy car blast at Manipuri Basti in Guwahati yesterday (Nov 13) evening in which a 10-year-old girl was seriously injured while her mother also sustained injuries has deepened further. Police and experts are yet to confirm as to how the toy car exploded since forensic experts did not find any explosive in the car that was left at the staircase of the minor girl’s house by some unknown person.

Family members and relatives of 10-year-old Th Debanishi Devi said the minor girl, a student of Nichol’s High School in Guwahati, was playing with the car that was recovered at the staircase of their house by the minor’s uncle.

“The minor girl’s uncle found the car at the staircase of their house and when his neice asked for it, he handed it over to her. She was playing with the car when it exploded, injuring her seriously. We don’t know who kept the car there,” a relative of the injured girl told News Live.


Incidentally, Debanishi’s mother — Th Bembem Devi — also sustained minor injuries in the explosion that has also left police and forensic experts perplexed and baffled.

“We did not find any trace of explosive in the toy car that went off. There are no explosive materials/chemicals in the car. We can’t say for sure how and why the blast took place,” a forensic expert said after inspecting the toy car.


Meanwhile the minor girl’s health has slightly improved but she is learnt to have lost the eyesight of her right eye besides losing two fingers of her hand.