Muslim religious leaders appeal to people to observe Ramzan at home amid coronavirus crisis


Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh): As the holy month of Ramzan is likely to begin from April 24, the religious leaders of the Muslim community on Wednesday appealed to the people to offer Taraweeh and hold iftar inside their homes and follow the lockdown regulations imposed to tackle the coronavirus threat.

With the sighting of the moon, Ramzan will begin on April 24. April 25 will be the first day of Roza.

While requesting people to offer Taraweeh and hold iftar in their homes and not step outside their homes unnecessarily, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi, “The Islamic Centre has announced in almost every Muslim locality that people should not visit each other’s house during Ramzan.”

He further said that the Uttar Pradesh government has assured that the essential commodities will be delivered to the people’s doorstep even during Ramzan.
Mohammad Hussain, a student of Darul Uloom Firangi Mahal, told ANI, “As per the Islamic Centre of India’s direction, all people are being requested to follow the lockdown norms during the month of Ramzan.”
He further said that people should not invite their other family members or neighbours during the Ramzan month.
“The money that is usually spent to host Iftar parties should be given to the poor people who are suffering due to the lockdown in this holy month of Ramzan,” he added.

As per the morning update by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with 1383 new cases and 50 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, India’s total number of positive COVID-19 cases has reached 19,984. (ANI)