Music producer Giorgio Leone (IT) opens up on inception of Our Muzik, his music journey, and more


Guwahati: Giorgio Leone (IT) is one of the most prominent music producers in the world of techno music and he is getting all the attention for all the right reasons and more. The talented DJ hails from Catania in Italy and right from a young age, he started getting influenced by the world of Techno, Tech-House, and House music.

This passion for the industry was so remarkable that he decided to join Catania’s techno music hubs and eventually met with people who had a similar passion. Despite being young, he already knew that he is destined to be a part of this industry and thus began his musical journey. As a DJ he began to explore the industry further and what spoke to him was how much power music has to uplift the spirit of people.

Giorgio Leone (IT) later decided to explore this world further and his experience inspired him to come up with his unique style of music that was influenced by Techno but had his distinctive persona. Eventually, he became the creator of ‘Our Muzik’, which is a music group with the aim to unite people with Techno music and pull of underground parties. Their first event itself, ‘Yellow Summer Groove’ was a massive success and that pushed Giorgio Leone (IT) to move to the world of music production as well.

Despite having a marketing background, that is having done his Bachelor Degree in Digital Marketing from UniversitàEcampus, Giorgio, knew that the grind of a regular job was not his calling. He decided to use the knowledge of marketing and sales to attract people to the new gospel of the world, which is Techno music.

Despite his massive success, Giorgio Leone (IT) believes it was the influence of fellow DJs and music producer that he met which helped him to grow. He shares, “Probably I’ve got the biggest influences from my other DJ friends back home in Catania when I’ve approached the first clubs when I was younger, they all contributed to growing my interest in music. I’ve been listening to a lot to Amelie Lens, Cosmic Boys, and Umek. “

Today, he has bigger goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill. Giorgio is currently eyeing opportunities to bring his music to Asia. Given the Asian countries have started making the loudest noise in the music world, Giorgio’s aim is in the right direction. He wants to explore more opportunities with his group Our Muzik and is all set to do tours around Asia.

“It is important to be in a positive environment otherwise it might be hard to succeed, I had to move from Europe to Asia to give a significant boost to my career and this choice definitely paid back, If I am where I am now is due to the fact that I was fearless,” concludes Giorgio Leone (IT).

Giorgio Leone’s list of achievements includes his music releases like EP Chronicles, My love for you, EP Infectious, Charlene, and more.

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