Mumbai Police uses ‘Extraction’ reference, seeks “Proman” from those venturing out during lockdown


New Delhi : Spreading awareness in its signature filmy style, Mumbai Police’s Twitter team on Monday used the reference of Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix film ‘Extraction,’ and urged people to not venture out during the lockdown.

The action flick ‘Extraction’ which also features Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda besides Hemsworth has been largely shot in India and has several dialogues in Indian languages, including Bengali.

Mumbai Police’s Twitter team used Hemsworth’s Bengali dialogue “Proman Dao (Give Proof)” from the film and asked people to make sure that they have a “proman” or proof of urgency while stepping out during the lockdown.

They shared a still from the movie that had Hemsworth standing and the text on the picture read ‘Before you venture out of home during lockdown: “Proman Dao.”‘

Mumbai Police further made it clear that they will not negotiate with anyone if they don’t have proof while venturing out.

“Make sure you always have one before you leave home because – Hum negotiate ‘NAHI’ karenge. #LockdownMandates #PromanDao,” Mumbai Police tweeted along with the picture.

Mumbai Police’s Twitter account is known for its quirky tweets and information with hilarious twists.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the nationwide lockdown till May 3 and urged people to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus. (ANI)