MoS Bhagwat Karad attends to medical emergency on flight


Union Minister of State for Finance Dr Bhagwat Karad, who was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai on an IndiGo flight, attended a medical emergency of a passenger who suffered from vasovagal syncope, which leads to fainting.

According to a report published in Indian Express, Karad said, “I boarded the 1.05 am flight from Delhi to Mumbai on Tuesday and was seated on 1F seat. Around 2 am, the air hostess announced on the public address system asking for a doctor on board. I asked her about the problem and she said that a person needed immediate help.’’

“I immediately rushed to the 45-year-old man who was lying. I could not feel his pulse and sensed that he suffered from vasovagal syncome. He was between two rows of seats. I removed his shirt and massaged his chest and kept his feet on a pillow so that blood could flow to his heart. Soon he regained consciousness and then we gave him glucose water. He did not have hypertension or sugar issues, and spoke to us after he regained consciousness,” Karad said.

Karad is a pediatric surgeon who studied in KEM hospital of Mumbai and later became a politician.