Mogul Productions makes its mark as the Defi and NFT platform for the film and entertainment industry


Mogul Productions appeared in the first-ever NFT TV commercial, airing at the recent Oscars.

It is astounding to know and learn about all those people, entrepreneurs, and businesses that make sure to push the envelope and focus on offering “uniqueness” to the people they serve or cater to. Knowing more about how they have thrived in their industries and how with cutting-edge strategies and business approaches, they have brought much growth and success to their platforms and brands is necessary to understand how to get to the next level of success in any industry. Doing that and much more in the film and entertainment industry as a Defi and NFT platform is Mogul Productions.

It is essentially a protocol that has been created to decentralize and democratize innovation and participation in the film world. It has been using blockchain in the industry by offering a decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) platform and a movie-based NFT marketplace, with the aim to give everyone a voice in the creative process of film production. Also, it is governed by its multi-utility native STARS token. Mogul Productions has been leading its way to the top as the next-gen platform, where Defi and NFTs meet movies. Mogul is an NFT and decentralized financing platform for the film and the entertainment industry, and in a short period, it has become one of the largest NFT platforms in the world. It appeared in its first-ever NFT TV commercial, which got aired recently at the Oscars.

There is a list of milestones the NFT marketplace has already achieved, including gaining 50K active users in the first three months of its launching. It has sold $10 million of NFTs already, made $50 million in value through Mogul smart contracts, and earned over 100K followers across its community accounts. The Canadian corporation was founded in 2018 and launched its beta product in 2019. Mogul’s 1st version was launched in February 2021. They already have 40+ partners and have been featured in some of the top media outlets of the world like Variety, CNN, NASDAQ, and Forbes.

Mogul Productions is driven by its mission to reimagine film production, distribution, and fan participation by utilizing the crowd’s power through blockchain technology for its several benefits like tracking, security, transparency, and more. It is also driven to be the future of the film, where members get recognized for their contributions and rewarded accordingly.