Modi triumphs, Govt wins floor test


The Narendra Modi-led central government got another fillip ahead of next year’s general elections after the no-confidence motion brought against the government by the TDP, its former ally, was defeated in Lok Sabha after a 12-hour marathon debate. The motion was first defeated by voice-vote and then during division of votes with 325 MPs voting against the motion while 126 lawmakers supporting it with no abstentions.

Prior to voting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his reply to the debate, came down heavily on the Congress and more particularly Rahul Gandhi after the headlines-making hug of the Congress president earlier in the afternoon.

Questioning the Opposition’s intentions in bringing the trust motion against the Government, Prime Minister Modi questioned as to why the motion was brought when they were not prepared for it?

He also tore into Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the latter’s bear hug saying “one member comes running to me saying ‘Get up! Get up’. What is his hurry to come to power?”

“The voting was not over; the debate was also not over when one member comes running to me saying ‘Get up! Get up’. What is his hurry to come to power? It is the people who have elected us. That is how we have come here,” PM Modi said, adding that nobody but the people of the country can make somebody sit on this chair and also dethrone him from office.

He took another jibe at theRahul Gandhi, saying how can anyone look into the Congress president’s eyes?

“You are ‘naamdar’, I am a ‘kaamdar’. I have come from humble background. How can I look into your eyes,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also said that the Congress party has no confidence in itself.

“It has no faith on the Election Commission, judiciary, RBI, as well as other international agencies. They have confidence in nothing,” the Prime Minister retorted during his 90-minute speech.