Modi accepts Xi’s invitation for third informal summit in China


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted the invitation of President Xi Jinping to visit China for a third informal summit next year.
President Xi extended the invitation during the second informal summit in Mamallapuram of Tamil Nadu.

Addressing the media after the summit, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale on Saturday said, “Prime Minister Modi and President Xi also appraised the practice of Informal Summits in a positive light as providing an important opportunity to deepen dialogue and to promote mutual understanding at the Leaders’ level in line with the ‘Wuhan Spirit’ and the ‘Chennai Connect’.”

“They agreed to continue this practice in the future. President Xi invited Prime Minister Modi to visit China for the 3rd Informal Summit. Prime Minister Modi has accepted the invitation,” he added.

The dates and location of the summit are yet to be decided.

During the second summit, both leaders held “heart-to-heart” and “candid discussions like friends” on a series of issues.

The Chinese President had landed in Chennai on Friday and held a one-on-one discussion with Modi on various issues in the coastal historic city of Mamallapuram. They also discussed matters related to trade and the economy.

The second day of the summit began with one-to-one talks which lasted for over an hour. They concluded the summit with delegation-level talks.

Upon his arrival, President Xi was accorded a grand welcome by people who lined the streets along with traditional drum players, creating a warm environment which personified the Indian belief of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

The first summit was held in Wuhan, China, last year on April 27-28. Xi during the delegation-level talks said that it was the right decision to have this kind of informal summit.

“Last year we held a first informal summit Actually this initiative was put forward by you Mr Prime Minister. Indeed the Wuhan Summit ushers China-India relations into a new stage of healthy and steady development,” Xi said.

“For the one year also, the summit continues to produce visible progress. We have deeper strategic communication more effective practical cooperation more diverse people-to-people cultural exchanges. We have closer corporation on multilateral occasions. What has happened proved that we have made the right decision to have this kind of informal summit,” he said. (ANI)