Modeling Icon Helps Aspiring Actors & Models With Promising Work Opportunities, Read More


Modeling Icon is a talent agency that has shaped the lives of hundreds of youths since 2018. Founded by Prakhar Sharma, it provides opportunities to budding actors and fashion models. It saves these skilled souls from severe struggles of standing for hours to audition and wait that one call with a ‘yes’ from the other side.

Modeling Icon also manages events for top reality shows and production houses –  MTV dramas and India’s top reality show Bigg Boss. The agency does event management in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Kolkata and many others.

Modeling Icon has mentioned on their website that they help talented youth from all the India by giving them a chance to star in web shows or music videos. For models, they help them with shows and gigs for various national and international brands. Prakhar Sharma’s agency will conduct a show this year where they will vote for Mr and Miss Starface 2021.

Prakhar Sharma has contacts with music producers and various fashion show managers. Whenever they have a requirement of fresh faces, they contact Sharma. Everyone who has subscribed to Modeling Icon has only good things to say. Sharma says, “Our country is full of talented people. Everywhere there are some youngsters who aspire to be an actor or a model. However, they don’t know where to start. Some people dupe them by promising them big films and shows. It leaves them dejected. Hence, I started this agency as a safe and creative space. I make sure everyone who is working hard enough and ready to be patient and dedicated with their career gets a good opportunity.”

On their Instagram page, Modeling Icon keeps updating about new projects they have for actors and models. Check out their page here –