Mobile app to monitor home quarantined people in Dehradun


Dehradun: The district administration here is keeping a tab on persons under home quarantine and on the movement of migrant labourers who are from other states, by a GPS enabled tracking app ‘IGiS Geo-Locator’. 

“People who are returning to the state are being asked to download IGiS Geo-Locator app in their smartphones. This app helps in tracking the movement of these people and enforcing home quarantine,” said Ashish Srivastava, Dehradun District Magistrate.

” We tell people who are travelling into Uttarakhand from outside sates to download the App and then we track their movements,” Ashish told ANI.

“The Integrated Command and Control Center sends an update if anybody moves beyond 50 meters of radius from their location. It also sends an alert if there is no activity for 30 minutes to check whether people are moving outside while their phone is at home. It is helping in enforcing home quarantine,” he added.

On being asked about the people who don’t have smartphones, he said that Anganwadi and ASHA workers have been instructed to ensure that people follow home quarantine.

“Every person who has that smartphone has to download the app and people who don’t have it will be monitored by Anganwadi and ASHA workers who have been instructed to ensure that people follow the norms of home quarantine,” Ashish said. (ANI)