Mizoram Assembly Election: Fate of 174 candidates to be decided tomorrow


Voting for 40 seats in the Mizoram assembly will be held on Tuesday (November 7), with over 8.52 lakh voters deciding the fate of 174 candidates from all political parties in the northeastern state.

While the Mizo National Front (MNF) is trying to retain power in the state, the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress are trying to come to power.

The results of the parliamentary elections will be announced on December 3, along with the results of the other four states that will hold elections later this month.

Campaigning for the November 7 Mizoram assembly elections ended at 4 pm on Sunday and no law and order issues were reported during the month-long period.

According to Mizoram Chief Election Officer’s Office, 8,52,088 voters (4,13,064 men and 4,39,028 women) are expected to cast their votes at 1,276 polling stations. In the 18-19 age group, there were 50,611 voters exercising their right to vote for the first time, and 8,490 people aged 80 and over.

The Election Commission has deployed nearly 50 CAPF companies in the state to ensure free and fair elections. The ECI has designated 30 polling stations in the state as critical polling stations. Approximately 5,000 election workers will be working at polling stations. Tauran (ST) Parliamentary District 34 polling station 24 Thelep has only 26 voters in her. Meanwhile, there are a maximum of 1,481 voters in 24 polling stations in the 13th Aizawl East I (Generation) parliamentary constituency of Zemabauk VIII. According to the ECI, Tawran parliamentary constituency has the least number of voters with 14,924 people, while Tui Koung constituency is the largest parliamentary constituency with 36,041 voters.

Voting staff were dispatched to each polling station on November 5th. There are 181 polling stations in Lone Try District, including 70 polling stations in 36-Tuikong AC, 69 polling stations in 37-Lone Try West AC, and 42 polling stations in 38-Lone Try East AC. . Poll workers will be dispatched from the remaining 95 polling stations today. The final randomization of electoral parties took place on Sunday, with the aim of promoting free and fair elections. Voters at polling station 27 in the South Tuipui parliamentary district were assigned their duty stations using computer software. In the 40-member Mizoram Assembly, the Mizo National Front won 26 seats with a vote share of 37.8 per cent and also won the 2018 assembly polls. The Congress secured five seats and the Bharatiya Janata Party won one seat.

(With ANI inputs)