Missing infant found dead in septic tank in Dibrugarh


GUWAHATI: In a horrifying incident, a 27-day-old infant named Mahira Begum was found dead under mysterious conditions in Saulkhuwa, Dibrugarh, Assam. 

According to the parents, the baby was sleeping with her mother but went missing in the morning. The body of the infant was later on recovered from a neighbour’s septic tank.

The family doubts that the infant was killed by some unknown miscreant in the wee hours of Friday.  

The father of the infant Sajidul Ali stated, “Around 2AM I went to the washroom and came back after some time and saw my daughter sleeping with her mother. Around 4:30 in the morning I woke up again and found out that my daughter was missing from the bed.  Immediately, we both rushed to the living area to inform other family members and witnessed that the main door was open. We could sense something terrible had happened and started searching for our daughter and later recovered her body from the tank.”

He also added that he suspects nobody as he has not seen anyone carrying his baby outside the house.

The police has lodged a complaint and held the father of the infant Sajidul Ali, his elder brother and his father for further interrogation.

This incident has created panic among the locals.