Miss Universe Pagent to allow married women and mothers to compete for first time from 2023


In what could be termed a historic move, the Miss Universe beauty pageant has literally expanded its universe and will now allow mothers and married women to participate in the beauty contest. 

From 2023, the marital and parental status will no longer affect women from applying to compete in the pageant. 

Until now, the Miss Universe pageant’s strict rules did not allow participants to be married or be a mother. The winners were also expected to remain unmarried through the entire tenure with the title. 

Mothers were also excluded from the pageant and winners were traditionally expected to not become pregnant for a year till they held the title of Miss Universe. 

Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2020 winner, applauded the change in rules. Speaking to Insider, Meza said, “I honestly love that this is happening. Just like society changes and women are now occupying leadership positions where in the past only men could, it was about time pageants changed and opened up to women with families.”

“A few people are against these changes because they always wanted to see a single beautiful woman who is available for a relationship,” Meza added. “They always wanted to see a woman that, from the outside, looks so perfect that she’s almost unreachable. The former is sexist and the latter is unrealistic.”