Mising organisations protest against Rituparna Pegu murder


GUWAHATI: Several Mising organisations took to the streets in Guwahati to protest against brutal murder of Rituparna Pegu. The protesting organisations gheraoed Noonmati Police Station demanding capital punishment for the murderers.

The protesters demanded capital punishment for the accused identified as Hussain Ali, Dulal Ali, Ibrahim Ali, Manuwara Khatun and Arman Ali.  Guwahati Police has already arrested all of them.

“The culprits should be hanged till death. We demand a fast-track court for the case,” said an angry local.

“We want immediate action. After Sanatan Deka, Rituparana Pegu has been killed brutally. Why our indigenous people are being targeted? There must be a conspiracy behind this,” said a protester.

Mising students’ body TAKAM MISING PORIN KÉBANG (TMPK) has also staged protest against the horrific incident. The members of the students’ organisation demanded strict action against the culprits.