Migrant workers travel on truck to reach home


Cuttack: A group of migrant workers were seen travelling in trucks on Highway in Cuttack, even as the fourth phase of COVID-19 lockdown continues.

The migrants were travelling from different parts of the country to their respective states.
One of the migrant workers, Dev Prakash, who was on his way to Kolkata in West Bengal said: “I have come from Telangana and I have to go to Kolkata. It has been 3 days since I left my room in Telangana. So far I have changed 10-12 vehicles.”

Another Migrant worker, Kartik said: “Two days ago I left my room in Telangana. First I came to Visakhapatnam and then Policeman, asked to board this truck..I am going to Kolkata. So, far I have changed 14 vehicles. I used to decoration work, but I became jobless after lockdown.”
Trucker Driver, Virbhadra Rao said that he helped migrant workers on humanitarian ground.

“I saw them walking on foot, hence I asked them to board this. Some Policeman also asked us to board them, I will drop them after few distance,” he said.

An Industrialist, Avinash Khemaka, is helping migrant passing through the routes.

“I am providing food and water bottles to the migrant labourers passing through these routes. We come here in the morning and provide food to these people till noon,” he said.

The country is under the fourth phase of lockdown which will continue till May 31. The lockdown was first enforced in March to contain the spread of COVID-19. (ANI)