Migrant couple stranded in Tripura names their newborn ‘Lockdown’


Badharghat: A migrant couple from Rajasthan’s Alwar, who got stranded in Tripura, have named their newborn boy ‘Lockdown’.

The couple Sanjay Bauri and his wife Manju Bauri sell plastic wares and keep travelling to various states to earn money. They visit Tripura for six months every year to sell cheap plastic wares.

The government officials suggested to name him ‘lockdown’ as he was born on April 13 during the lockdown.

“The baby is fine. We are getting food from the administration. He is fine. As he was born during the lockdown, we have decided to name him lockdown,” the father of the newborn told ANI.

“The government is helping us a lot and taking care of our child. They also ensured the safe delivery of my son. But we would be happier if we return to back to Rajasthan as soon as possible,” Manju said.

Besides them, 13 other migrant families are living there in Badharghat. (ANI)