Meet Omar IbenChekroun, taking the luxury lifestyle industry to higher levels of success


Omar IbenChekroun passion for the luxury lifestyle and his quest for class and elegance led him to become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.

There are a few individuals that take years to understand what their heart seeks and what their purpose is in life, while a few others understand the same from a very early age and start their careers as youngsters to gain success faster. All this is easier said than done because the path to success is never filled with only roses; it takes people along a journey where they face several challenges, and overcoming the same lead them to exponential success levels in their respective industries. We came across one such highly driven and high-performing entrepreneur named Omar IbenChekroun , aka MrBenchek , who believed in his visions and dreams and thus turned them into reality, creating a lifestyle of his dreams as a young entrepreneur in the luxury lifestyle industry.

Omar IbenChekroun was born in 1989 in Morocco and grew up as a kid who was spellbound by everything that oozed class, elegance and luxury. Little did he know that this passion of his would help him create a successful career around it and help him achieve massive prominence in the industry as well. Omar began working in the luxury lifestyle industry in Morocco before even moving to Paris in 2007 to learning the “its and bits” of the industry and for gaining luxury hotel business experience in one of the most prominent places known for its high-end luxury hotel services.

Today, this young business talent and an international concierge and hospitality expert, who operates out of California, thrives on his confidence, the knowledge he gained in Paris, his creative abilities and unique business approaches and works towards using his experiences in the luxury lifestyle business to provide his clients with something different, something that lacks in the industry today. He is working towards creating modern concierge services that stand tall as a unique offering to provide high-class customer experiences.

Omar IbenChekroun, with his years of experience in the industry, has become a learned professional who also excels at speaking different languages like Arabic, Spanish, French, and English. This has allowed him to deal with people from different cultures worldwide, including Europe and the Middle East, with several high-profile visitors who choose to stay in Los Angeles.

Omar IbenChekroun’s pure passion for the luxury lifestyle and his hunger to do more and be more in the industry has brought him to the industry’s forefront. To know more, visit his website,