Meet Massab Shoukat, An entrepreneur whose marketing skills are flourishing all over the globe


The internet has helped a lot of people build a successful business in the past few years. Who would’ve thought that it will create great opportunities for people of all ages? One such youth named Massab Shoukat decided to walk the entrepreneurial journey as a PR Manager at the age of 18 and has flourished it. To build his own empire called Fastgiveawaysofficial and Fastgiveawaysagency, Massab learned everything about the e-commerce business model. He was aware that it will be the future of the internet business that most people will try to get into.

In 2019, Massab Shoukat from Rawalpindi started his e-commerce venture and his clientele list consists of celebrities, marketing agencies, and Facebook ad gurus. His excellent networking skills and knowledge helped him to understand everything that’s essential for the growth of any online company, regardless of the size or field it caters to.

Massat Shoukat has shown the world that with the heart and mind in the right direction, one can achieve their goals. A lot of hard work and determination helped him become a successful entrepreneur. But his innovative mind and in-depth awareness about market dynamics also helped him catch the eye of many clients. Shoukat also has a colossal verifiable track record that yields results. His extensive understanding of Google search engine optimization (SEO), forum discussion practices to increase google rankings and paying ad placements on blogs have helped him win his clients’ trust.

In the past 2 years, Massab Shoukat not only worked to magnify the business of others, but also succeeded in growing his own businesses Fastgiveawaysofficial and Fastgiveawaysagency. Apart from his brilliant networking skills, the entrepreneur’s observational skills also helped him in his work. He collected data that demonstrated how a lot of people today spent more time on social media, especially 6 social network apps. The data also mentioned the locations of these apps. So accordingly, he would target the given audience who can be potential consumers of his clients and the ads would get featured on the applications. It helped the entrepreneur to drive traffic for his clients based on their target audience.

As an entrepreneur in the e-commerce world with his ventures Fastgiveawaysofficial and Fastgiveawaysagency, Massab Shoukat didn’t restrict himself to particular work. He has styled many artists and worked with renowned labels to create a brand image for their talents. He knows the importance of branding as that is also a key requirement for his own companies. In 2020, Massab Shoukat expanded his business at the international level. The global exposure helped him to fetch clients from the USA, Australia, and Canada.