Meet Jesse Lyu, one of the top serial entrepreneurs in Asia and China


Jesse Lyu is a serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. Lyu was one of the top 30 Under 30 in Asia and China. Lyu was born in 1990 in Xi’an, China, and he died in 1990. He graduated from Liverpool University in the United Kingdom and attended the University of Arts in London.

Raven Tech was established in May 2014 by Lyu. Matrix Partners China, ZhenFund, DCM, Y Combinator, Matrix Partners China, Matrix Partners China, Matrix Partners China, ZhenFund, DCM, Y Combinator backed the company. Baidu purchased Raven Tech, China’s top search engine, as the leading component of their intelligent hardware division, making Lyu the head of Baidu’s Intelligent Hardware Unit. At the Baidu Annual Conference, Lyu unveils three sophisticated hardware -raven H, raven R, and raven Q. Lyu left Baidu in 2018 and established a new firm, Rct studio. Surt’s graduate from Y Combinator is a creative studio in which he created Morpheus. This engine produces a logic tree built from any standard format screenplay and is a design studio in which he created Morpheus. As of the 2019 SEC filing, the organization has raised $1. 7 million in funding. Lyu is also the creator of Timeet, a social media service. Fortune 30 Under 30-China, Forbes 30 Under 30-Asia, a Mountain View-based incubator invested in Airbnb Inc. and DoorDash Inc. His company had used the funds to build an engine capable of changing text descriptions of human behavior to 3D-rendered animations with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms. The machine enables RCT to create interactive games where players can interact with characters using natural languages in the virtual world. According to Lyu, RCT intends to launch its first title on virtual reality gaming platforms like Oculus for individual customers by the end of this year. A year and a half ago, Lyu and his team collaborated with Baidu to produce the voice assistant software DuerOS, a Chinese equivalent of Amazon’s Alexa. At the end of last year, Lyu and his staff decided to open their Burbank office.