Meet Hansraj Saikia who represented Assam in Redbull Ace of Dirt 2021


GUWAHATI: Nagaon Boy Hansraj Saikia was among the two participants from Northeast India to participate in the RedBull Ace of Dirt 2021 event held at Big Rock Dirt Park in Kolar, Karnataka. The two-day event held on 18th & 19th March.

Hansraj Saikia started his Motocross career from NE DIRT Track Challenge held at Chandmari AEI field in 2015 and had represented Assam in many National and State level racing events.


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The bike race that took place in the 1.6-km course of BigRock DirtPark, had multiple stages. In the first stage, all participants were put to the test through Motocross, Dirt track, and Enduro sections, using their own motorcycles. The final four then had to compete astride an identical Hero XPulse, eliminating any advantage or disadvantage their own bikes would have had.

Speaking about the event, Saikia said, “RedBull Ace Of Dirt, 2021 ‘What an amazing race it was’ never ever before rode in a trail like this along with the best riders across and country and globe. Couldn’t take it to the finals for some mechanical fault and also fell from the bike many times as I was not used to such trails before but had an amazing experience and got to learn many things about Enduro racing and much more. Thanks, redbullindia and BigRock Dirtpark for such a beautiful event, awesome hospitality, love, and support.”

It is to be mentioned that only 32 riders from across the country were invited to participate in the race. Hansraj Saikia from Nagaon and Ajit Sharma from Guwahati were the only participants from Northeast India. Also, Philippee Geelhand was the only participant who came all the way from Belgium to take part in the event.


Mahesh V.M. from Kerala won the event with a time of 20mins 29secs. The final race was held between V. M. Mahesh (Winner) followed by A. Sathyaraj (1st runner-up), D. Sachin (2nd runner-up), and B. Gideon (3rd runner-up). As the winner of the 2021 Red Bull Ace of Dirt event, Mahesh has won a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with ace motorcyclist and Red Bull athlete, CS Santosh. Mahesh was also awarded a brand-new Hero Xpulse 200.